Natasha Fatale (az_starshine) wrote,
Natasha Fatale

LJI - failure

I am an armchair activist. A slacktivist. I talk a good game, but I can't go out there into the thick of things and try to bring about change. I admire those who can, but I am not brave enough.

I want to go volunteer at Planned Parenthood as an escort, but my fear is that one of the particularly virulent anti-choicers at my church will recognize me. That my picture will somehow end up on the internet and my passionately anti-choice mother will call me in tears, asking me WHY I SUPPORT MURDERING THE INNOCENT.

(This is the same mother, by the way, who told my husband that she would make me go through the whole experience on my own, if for some reason I got pregnant as a teenager and chose to have an abortion. That was the exact moment I became pro-choice.)

I want to go out and march in the Women's March wearing my Susan B. Anthony t-shirt, Ruth Bader Ginsberg socks and the "Feminist" baseball cap I bought at the rock & roll Ralph's in Hollywood at the beginning of this month. I can't handle crowds, so I stay home and come up with excuses that don't involve this crippling fear.

I watched the Republicans in Congress today decide that party loyalty was more important than convicting a guilty man who has never had to pay the consequences in his entire life. I am disgusted. I am saddened and sick.

I see people justify the things that 45 has said and done while evoking Hillary's emails, or calling Michelle Obama a man based on someone's conspiracy theory. They shout about building a wall, crimes of undocumented immigrants, justify children in cages while blaming the parents for seeking a better life.

Fox News has turned our parents into what they feared video games would turn us into. They stare at the screen and blindly watch Sean Hannity or Megyn Kelly; they throw out the insult "libtard" while at the same time saying "special needs" is acceptable, but "retarded" certainly isn't.

Unless, that is, it's directed at someone you disagree with politically, at which point it's not even a problem. Use it as much as you want, obviously someone must have a mental defiency for not blindly supporting the president.

They claim bullying is bad but applaud Fearless Leader as he takes pot shots at an autistic teenager. FLOTUS has an anti-bullying campaign called "Be Best", but she's married to the biggest bully of them all.

The biggest advocate for "family values" was, oddly enough, not the Ivy League educated, Hawaii born, African-American man with a beautiful, intelligent wife and two lovely daughters but instead a "very stable genius" who can't stay off Twitter, has no sense of humor, cries "fake news" and decries the free press as an enemy of the state. The thrice married philanderer, reality star, father of five with three different women, whose statement of "grab them by the pussy" is lauded as the second coming, despite being as un-Christlike as Satan himself.

We have failed, America. We elected a xenophobic, nationalistic bully into the White House. We need to do better. We must do better.

Let's not have there be another failure in November of 2020.

Vote like your life depends on it.

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